Friday, September 11, 2009

Still Recovering...

I dropped the race bike off to get some tender loving care and decided to take out my singlespeed Rig and get in some miles as my first ride after the SM100. The ride was amazing since it was supposed to be raining and it was a perfectly dry overcast day. I threw on the 20 cog and was enjoying the spinnyness compared to my old 18. Well that was until I was cranking pretty steadily up a tough hill and my heart rate didn't follow. Ahhh it's just not responding yet. No biggie. I kept on and hit another hill a few minutes later. Same deal. Alright I think I'm a bit shot so I'll just ride chill for a while and try again later. Yep, attempt #3 ended up in failure. I couldn't get my HR over 165 so I just enjoyed the scenery and spun out the rest of my ride. I was just happy to be on the bike and enjoy the wonders of Allamuchy before the rains set in for the weekend.

I'll be riding this weekend in the form of leading a group ride at JORBA fest and having a nice long ride on Sunday to bring my fitness back up for the Terror of Teaberry race. Hopefully I'll be feeling a little more up to the challenge but I'm looking forward to a nice fall riding season. This is my favorite time of year to ride. Time to throw down for the sake of fun!

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