Saturday, November 2, 2013

Recent Race Update

Ok so there's been a bunch of races since I last posted so here we go:

Tymor Park Challenge: Fun brutal course with no legs. 11th of 13

Nittany Lion CX: Crash on lap 1, bent derailleur hanger which caused crappy shifting, fought back from 68th to finish 20th. Not that bad of a performance given the situation.

Silk City CX: Cool race in Manchester CT with a super techy course. It was dry and fast and so were the guys ahead of me. I had a solid ride but still trying to get into cross form. 5th of 19

Westwood Velo CX: Had a great start and was even sitting 2nd wheel at one point as the result of a crash. That wasn't to last. Slipped back to 8th or so then rolled my tubular. Pitted and lost a spot and ended up 9th of 23.

Cooper River CX: Stupid course. Dry, fast, bland, and sprinty. Not my style whatsoever. The only entertaining part was the steps that were rideable. Felt like crap and rode hard trying to get form back after the wedding. 23 of 46.

Marty's Day 2 CX: Started hard but still trying to get the form back after time off from the wedding, and once again plagued with tire issues. Pitted once, fell twice, and was losing motivation to do this whole CX thing. 15th of 26.

Bubble CX: Most fun race course of the year thus far. Technical, hilly, sand, and MORE SAND! It was great and painful all at the same time. I had good luck this day and rode pretty damn well. I couldn't have left more out there. 12th of 23.

Caffeinated CX: A great course to follow up Bubble CX. Techy and turny. Quite a surprise given it was at a fairground and just expected lots of grass. I rode well and fought hard for 3-6 place. Ended up 4th of 8 in a slugfest.

So all in all I've had some good results and some poor results, mostly due to either mechanicals or not riding my bike for 2 weeks to enjoy my wedding which was the best day of my life - it was totally worth it. But now I've got those amazing memories and I'm getting back to riding my bike pretty well. Only 4 more races for me this season it seems. Just a little more cross and then a nice winter full of MTB riding. CX is fun but I'm having a blast on the MTB and I can't wait for next season.

An overdue update.

Ok so it's been a few days since my last update...errr it's been forever since my last update. So here goes...holy crap I'm MARRIED!!! October 6th was the big day and all of my energy was spent helping out my beautiful wife making sure things went as planned and it was amazing. I never had a second thought about marrying Antonella. She's the love of my life and I can't imagine any day going forward without her. The wedding ceremony was perfect, the reception was amazing, and everything went like we planned.

Laughingly though, the stress of the wedding came through the gift that I was giving/building her. Antonella and I have a great appreciation for wine, as she has taught me the ways of wine tasting. So given that love and the fact that she has a TON of wine bottles at home it was only natural that I built her a wine rack. Not just any wine rack but a mega rack. This took a good 3 weeks to a month to conceptualize, plan, deliver, and create. Not to shabby in the end if I say so my self! So tomorrow will actually be week #4 that we have been married and it's awesome. We're working out the behind the scenes logistics and it's all just a crazy dream that finally came true.