Sunday, February 24, 2013

Off Season

So far this off-season, inconsistent is the word. I took over the job as the assistant ski team coach for my high school and it's been amazing and I love working with the kids but it's also been super hard to balance the time and needs for the job. I've been riding when I can and adding structure when I can but that's all about to change soon. As of next weekend my ski season will come to a close and the riding season begins in full swing. It's 5 weeks till the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek which is the official opener of my season and it'll be interesting to see how a slower early season may benefit me. The past two seasons I've had super strong early seasons and I've been burnt come September. Now with me firing things up in March it may pay off with better dividends come late season. We shall see. I'm excited to see what lies ahead. Especially with my wedding being in October of the upcoming year it'll be a test of discipline and planning. The cycling season is here: time to rip this sh*t up.