Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CAT4 Road Upgrade...

DENIED! Well at least I gave it a shot.

I was thinking that there are some nice road races to try next year but you need to be CAT4 or above and I'm still a lonely CAT5. By the rulebook it says you need 10 starts. I've got 6 and a pretty extensive resume of CAT 1 MTB and a pretty decent Endurance resume so I tried to ask for an upgrade based on what I've done so far. I guess all that matters is road time...sheesh.

The response from USA cycling said that once I've done a few more road races, then resubmit the resume for approval. Is a few - 1, 2, 3, 4? Not too sure so either way I won't be doing any road races this season, which leaves me to return as a CAT5 next season. I'm not upset, just curious actually. I have no real aspirations to be a road racer, I'd just like a faster group to race with and get some more quality training time in. Better luck next year!


  1. road racing is such a different beast. they probably just want to be sure you understand the herd, i mean pack mentality.

  2. Yea I hear that. They obviously don't know about my bunny hopping skillz... :-)

  3. seriously. who cares if you can ride with a pack when you're perfectly capable of riding over them?