Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CX just got more promising.

I've competed in one cyclocross event two years ago and I'd love to give it more of a go this year as an addition to my fitness. Actually it's going to be a challenge since it's exactly the area of my fitness that I do not accel at. Hard, fast, high HR races are pretty painful and it's time to experience more of that this fall. To supplement this I need the right equipment - and it came home on the roof of my car today. The Trek XO1 is now a sweet part of my quiver that I'll have to size up and get used to in the next few weeks. It's a sweet ride and I can't wait to throw down on this puppy. Should be tons of fun. Plus it'll give me a pretty sweet winter training bike as well. So lets see that means at the moment I have 4 MTB's, 2 Roadies, 1 CX bike, and 1 fixie. And guess what - 6 of them are 29'ers ;-)

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