Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SM100 Close Calls

The SM100 was a great race but it looks like it's taken a bit of a toll on my gear. Looks like my fork needs to be rebuilt. It's been leaky and acting funny and now it's lost some of it's travel and the ability to tune the rebound and lockout. Time for some surgery. It seems I was lucky to make it through the SM100 without a total failure.

Then I found out my next instance of being lucky. I just looked at my left pedal to see some carnage. It was making funky noises on the first climb and it's probably because it was about to explode. It's the crank bros egg beaters and it's got about 1/2" of lateral play in it. That's not kosher. I did feel it about the time it was making noise torquing my foot forward as my cranks rotated. It probably should have shot off the spindle and made my race a very miserable one. Thank goodness it didn't. I'm sure Crank Bros will repair it in their speedy fashion as they usually do as their customer service has been top notch. Either way these pedals have done a great job and need to be reborn.

The last thing that I noticed was that there was a bad bearing in my cranks that caused an annoying tick as my left pedal reached 12 o'clock. So it seems my bearings are most likely shot and will be replaced. Time for some ceramic bearings at least to give my Superfly a little love. After all it's been through some pretty nasty battles this season.

At least all of this stuff made it to the end of the season and didn't let me down when I really needed it. Luck has been on my side. I still have to figure out why I've been surfing down the trails on my face lately. 2 hard falls in the last 2 100 milers have made things certainly exciting. I could do without those.

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