Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rumble in the Jungle

It was a tough course today. Definitely for those who can handle a bike. I had a decent start but was sitting deep behind a Bulldog train. So I figured that I'd put in an effort and see if I can get to the front before the nasty stuff started. Shifted to the big ring, locked the fork and dropped the hammer. I went from sitting 8th or so to 4th getting into the singletrack. Steve went by me not too far after that and I hung with Chris and Steve as we carved the rocky singletrack and it was good to not have any bottlenecking to deal with. As I settled in I couldn't keep the hot pace and drifted back as Shernce came flying by and with him came Marco. I let them go and just rode consistently and within my limits for the rest of the race. At one point Allistair had some issues and I got past him and that's the way the race ended. 6th place and glad to actually be able to race after last weekend. ***Edit, 7th place as I'm an idiot and managed to miss a rider in my class passing me on the 2nd lap as I thought he was in an older category. Way to be attentive - I know...***

I was a little bummed to have to clean off the bike once again but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Slimy and grimy and not good for parts but there's always room for upgrades right? Decent day and looking forward to Ringwood next weekend.

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  1. awesome race! the rocks def don't feel too bad- I had 2 bikes to clean because my son raced too and he was to busy with the XBOX when we got home to do the work!!! If he races Ringwood this weekend I'll be happy.