Thursday, March 4, 2010

6 hours of Warrior Creek is coming...

Well now it's just under a month away (Apr 3) and I'm getting really psyched for this event. In the northeast we've been BURIED under a sweet blanket this year so I've been relegated to the roadie and hitting the slopes. I'm not complaining at all as it's been great. The dirt would certainly be nice to get back to though. And with all of the storms the east coast has I know NC was not spared but should be in MUCH better shape than my area by that time. If all the precipitation would stop now the trails might shape up by then but it's not looking good. Especially with my brand new Superfly('09) sitting on the wall, I'm not in a rush to trash every moving part and rebuild it for my 2nd ride ever :-)

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that conditions will be nicer down south, and when in doubt, I'll bring out the singlespeed. The 6 hours of Warrior Creek will be nice as it's Easter weekend and that starts my spring break. So I'll wander down to Wilkesboro and enjoy the race and then let my wandering continue. As of now I'm debating between a few ideas: continue riding in the area(Raleigh, Pisgah, Boone), or go to West Virginia to get some sport climbing in, or actually relax for once in maybe Myrtle Beach SC or just go for it and have fun in Florida? I'll have to let myself debate this one and see what I'm feeling as I get a little closer. Either way it should be a great break.


  1. Are you going down there solo? I'd be really interested in doing this race...

  2. Yup I'll be going down solo. I'm not sure where I'm going afterwards though. But you'd better have connections if you want in. Registration is closed as far as I know.