Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Century #2 Done, Cold #1 In Progress

After Saturday's two races I was admittedly exhausted, so what better thing to do than a Sunday century! It seemed good beforehand but not exactly afterwards. I knew I had this cold coming on and thought it would just be a hinderance but it seems it's more than that.

I started out Sunday with my legs feeling a little sluggish - which was to be expected. As my teammates and I started wandering the wonderful backroads of sussex county I felt them come back under me and start feeling good once again. This was a blessing since my head didn't feel any better. I felt this sort of dehydration headache with some fogginess that was just annoying. Anyway I put it behind me and just kept on riding. Some 6 hours and 6 minutes later I arrived back at my car after ticking off just over 100 miles and enjoyed an amazing day. So amazing that I got my first share of sunburn for the year! It's a nice little reminder for sunscreen for sure :-)

So after that nice ride I was hoping to get some rest and nope... That didn't happen. I had too much going on since I was going to a concert later that evening. So I gathered all my stuff for the evening and did some chores and spent all of the time that I should have used for sleeping. Oh well - sometimes you've gotta live life while it's in front of you eh?

So that brings me back to Monday where I was totally incapacitated. I went to work and was an absolute zombie. All I could thing about was sleeping and overdosing on airborne :-). Chicken soup, hydrating, etc... whatever would get me back in the game. So that brings me back to yesterday where I didn't feel well enough to do much but sleep, chill, recover and get a little spin in to help the legs and maybe clear out some of the congestion.

So today is day #5 of the cold and things are looking up. I feel MUCH more rested and just a little congestion. And for those that are asking about working's all in my head so I should be fine with getting workouts in. If anything, it's just annoying at this point. So tonight's trainer spin should be a good indication of where I am and hopefully I'm on the upside of this thing as I get closer and closer to my spring break. Only 8 more days until I jump in the car and head for NC!

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