Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Race Bike is Officially....Heavier?

In preparation for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek I decided it's time to get my you know what in gear and do this thing right. Bike is getting all prepped tubeless and tweaked out so my position is spot on. And I broke out the magical Bonk frame protecting adhesive strips to ensure that my ride stays in nice shape. That stuff is great as any little abrasions or scrapes that would normally mar the frame do that to the plastic film. Then the frame stays all pretty and nice for the next owner :-) It's really great stuff as it takes some time to apply but once it's set it's solid and you don't have to worry about it. When you're done it comes off almost as easily as you've applied it. It's one little time consuming task that really pays off if you take your time.

So with that said, the bike is all taken care of and the next task it to get the rest of my junk together so I can take this nice week+ off and enjoy NOT being home. This winter has been pretty nice but I haven't been on a road trip since late December and it's time to roam again. I'm planning on spending a few days near Raleigh with my teammate Aaron to take in some of the local dirty goodness, hit up the 6WC and take in some good calories and good brew as well. After that stint I'm going to be a little nomadic as I'll go to Roanoke or Harrisonburg or ??? I'm not too sure yet but it'll be fun to point the car in a direction and go.

At the end of the break will be a nice little home grown event that has no name or no details but I will be in attendance and I will thrash all that enter. Or I'll at least attempt and throw up on them :-) And on that note - I also think that my cold is finally subsiding as I've taken some rest and recovery days and am getting closer to feeling like my old self. That's a great sign with the promise of a nice 6 hour race coming up and a bunch of days to wander and be healthy. It would be absolutely no fun if sick and I don't want to spend my break in bed. F-That...

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