Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Mad One is Revived!

And all I can say is WOW. My Madone has been sitting pretty on the wall for the past few months as I was decided what to do with her. It's been on Ebay twice and just not getting the response I would have liked so she's still here. I've been riding my heavy steel Lemond Reno for the last - who knows how many months. I jumped on the Madone to see if it's all ready to go for my first race(and second) of the season this weekend at Branch Brook Park.

I pumped up the tires and lubed the chain and off I went. The first thing I noticed was the nice crisp shifting. Amazing compared to my other ride. As I got into the hills, they just flew by. The less rotational mass in the wheelset vs. my other heavy winter wheelset was VERY noticeable. It seemed to be like I was riding a power assisted bike. And to top it off the frame is so stiff yet compliant it's amazing. I feel spoiled when I ride that thing.

What more could I ask for as it was a gorgeous day, and I got out for a sweet 62 mile ride. I rode from Parsippany up to West Milford on some nice roads to do my efforts and just had a really nice time soaking up the sun and actually riding in shorts today. I gotta start working on those sweet tan lines early! What a nice day!

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