Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sign of Things to Come?

I've posted over the last few months that I'm curious as to how my weight and body composition will be changing and what effects it may have on my racing. All I know is that February is typically a rough month and I eat like crap and don't get my workouts in. Somehow this month - I've been getting my workouts in, eating well, and am more disciplined then I ever thought possible. This has brought about a very interesting condition. Weight has just fallen off of me.

For the 2009 season I raced the majority of it at 158 or 159 and my all time low after a workout was 153. Well as a result of my crazy schedule, diet, appetite, and stress, I've seen the following change. The last 4 mornings I weighed in at 154lbs. This is absolutely nuts for this time of year. I was hoping to race at 152 or so this season but I thought I would really have to work at it. At this point I still feel powerful although a bit tired from all my endeavors at the moment. When I get on the bike it's good but life in general is just tiring. Things will clear up after this weekend.

The good sign is that this is my rest week, and although a bit beat up and sore from lifting, I'm looking forward to some lesser hours. On track for this week is just a trainer session, two lifting sessions, and 6 hours on the bike between Saturday and Sunday. This is a little relief from trying to ride 13+ hours with two lifting sessions like last week.

On the horizon, today is 2 months until the Cohutta 100 race in Tennessee. Last year I was straining to reach 165 for this race and with what I'm weighing in at now I'll have a huge advantage over last year. As long as I can build my strength I will be very happy with my result regardless. Last year was a hard race and I have some major redemption to do. I was a bit foolish and if my plan comes together I will drop close to an hour from last year's finishing time. I'll be showing up prepared after doing a 6 hour race 3 weeks prior. It should be fun to roll in prepared and really open the legs up and see what I've got. :-)

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