Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Early Training Block = YIKES!

A few weeks ago my coach and I were talking about doing a training weekend in Blacksburg Virginia. This was supposed to happen this past weekend, and with the weather and personal schedules that were conflicting, the trip never happened. We elected to stay home and put some time in anyway. The idea was to get 3-4 hours in on Saturday, 5-7 on Sunday, and 3-4 on Monday. Leading into the weekend, it seemed that we had a good plan going as the weather was actually going to be worse in Virginia.

On Day 1 we headed out Saturday morning and decided to get our ride in. It was a nice cold, blustery morning, and we got out with a nice group of 4. Even numbers are perfect since we all had someone to chat with along the ride and also with the 4 we took turns blocking the wind. We aimed for the hills since it was cold and what better way to warm up than by getting some decent vert. The days stats were as follows: 3:47 ride time - 57 miles - 4700' of vert.

Day 2 was the supposed big day. It did not start off well as I had waaaaay too much going on the previous day, which caused me to oversleep, and was way too rushed the next morning. I really don't like the feeling of being late and unprepared, and I was both on this morning. It's not good to start off a ride being as frustrated as I was but I was really hoping that this day would be a little better as the miles wore on. On this day it was 3 of us and once again we aimed for some extra vert since the weather was still fairly chilly. It was good to link together some roads that I have not been on in a while and get some new sights in. On the way back I looked down at the odometer and it said 90 miles and 5+ hours in the saddle. Of course this is where the decision needed to be made and I pulled the trigger. I've never done the road century yet and the miles were flying by. Now was the time to get in in. So we took another turn and kept the pace steady and got some solid spinning in to lead to a new personal best. The first road century ever had been completed. The days stats were as follows: 6:43 roll time - 102 miles - 8400' of vert.

For Day 3 a local loop was chosen and 3 of us headed out again to get some less hilly miles in as the two previous days were definitely straining the legs. Even though that was the plan, we still got a great amount of vert in. It was a nice easy cruise through the Denville/Kinnelon area and a great way to cap off a heavy weekend of riding. The miles went on pretty effortlessly - probably because the legs were numb - but it all went very smoothly. For 3 solid days of riding it was amazing. I'm guessing my fit is spot on too as the body does not feel too bad after all and I'll be ready to go again soon. As for today - day 4 - I'm opting to nap and keep my butt on the couch. Although I'll probably be going to the gym shortly. Day 3 stats were as follows: 3:32 ride time - 49.3 miles - 4300 feet of vert.


  1. You're riding too much. Down here in the Appalaichinny snow belt there is no riding. NONE.

  2. I'm having my best early season yet. That because there's no such thing as snow removal ;-) I was happy to see everything was cleared quickly allowing for all these miles to get done.