Thursday, February 11, 2010

Living in the land of DENIAL...

"We deeply regret that we were unable to accept your application into
the 2010 Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. We really wish we
could accommodate every interested rider, but we simply can’t. Our
goal and primary obligation is to offer every racer the nation’s
highest quality athletic experience with the utmost degree of safety,
medical care and racer support. The ever increasing numbers of
returning racers and new applicants are testimony we are meeting our
goal. We do not keep a waiting list and cannot yet accept entries for

And it only cost $15 to get this message. Send me $15 dollars and I will forward it along to you as well...

Leadville seems to be getting to be more of a freak show year by year. I wanted to do it this year as I had a nice opening in my schedule and it would be a great place for my brother and I to throw down and have a little sibling rivalry. I guess this year is not the year. And as I think more and more about it. This year may be the only year that I even try to enter. With the amount of money that they charge, the inability to be able to get friends to do the race with you, and the rumored monotony of the course have it fading further and further down the list of priority races. There are many more on my list of must do races and as of now Leadville is officially off of my radar. The Breckenridge 100, Cascade Cream Puff 100, and High Cascades 100 are the ones I'd really like to get into. If only they would fit in my schedule better. They just may happen for 2011. The one thing I know for sure is Leadville won't. Call me whiny since I didn't get in but part of me was hoping I wouldn't get in to save some $$$ and do some better races. I got my wish.


  1. sorry man, but as you said you'll be able to do some other rad things instead!

  2. Yea probably. At this point - I'm liking the gap in my schedule. It'll allow me to hit the SM100 HARD!