Monday, October 26, 2009

Westwood CX Reflections

I was just looking back at my training log and realized that yesterday's race was ride #11 on the new CX bike. Nothing like getting acquainted before beating your brains out on a new bike :-)

This was my first real CX race since I was on a CX bike. I did one other CX race in 2007 on my Trek hardtail but the feel just wasn't right. And for comparison the numbers are interesting. That race in 2007 I finished 7th of 14 which was nice and comfy right in the middle of the pack - and then yesterdays results - 18th of 37. Middle of the pack is where it's at!

I'm going to mentally and physically prepare a little better for the next one to see how much better I can fair and really try to get my HR up and push some limits. If I can do this now it's only going to help my fitness and hopefully translate into some better racing next year.

Up next is the Jamesburg CX. Hopefully that little checklist of mistakes not to do will get a little smaller and I'll be riding a little more fluidly.

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