Sunday, October 18, 2009

Braving the elements

With this oh so lovely weather, it's hard to not get depressed and want to lay on the couch and get fat. On the other hand I have too much pride or rather foresight? to not do that and get off my lazy butt and get out and do some riding. So out comes the CX bike and I rode this route that I normally do in the winter time. It's a nice mix of dirt, road, gravel, singletrack, doubletrack, you name it. I had a buddy come out with me that made it so much more doable. Usually if I'm in this situation with cold rainy conditions, I'll do it, but I'll be grumbling most of the way. At least today with the two of us we had some entertaining times and chatted it up enough to the point where it was a fun ride. Although the head wind on the way back for 5 miles was like meeting a nice old friend - that wanted to kick you in the nuts. It was just draining enough to be annoying and nasty and not the best way to end a ride. Regardless a good day on the bike.

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  1. Only 31 miles? JK... I only made it a little over 20 in that crap. Thank god it finally cleared out today! Glad to hear you're having fun on the cross bike!