Friday, October 23, 2009

The Battle Has Begun

Base training is going to start in late December - early January and the battle is for the weight to stay low until base training starts. Then it should be easy to shed any extra pounds. With the dwindling daylight it seems tough as always to stay motivated, training, and just active in general. Looking back in my log I was maintaining a 175 lb weight into December and then it reached 184 at the end of January as a result of my car accident. Since then my weight has dropped significantly - about 25 lbs or so. The idea is that if I can start next season with a lower weight, then I should be able to start next year on a stronger note and hopefully race a few pounds lighter and have better results next season.

So far the goal is to do 4 or 5 of the NUE series 100 milers, some of the local H2H races and maybe even a stage race or 24 hour race or two. Everything will be a lot nicer with fewer pounds to lug around and more fitness to help me through the long season. Now all it takes is some time and some events to be announced so that I can set up next year's schedule and I'll be happy. From looking back at last year the NUE races were announced in early November so hopefully it'll be around the same time this year that I'll know. I do know for sure (at least from what I've been told) that my first big race is 6 months from tomorrow!

2010 is going to be fun!!!

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