Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hidden Valley CX Race

Great course and even better weather for sure.

For the B race we had a pretty good turnout as 21 guys toed the line. Off the start I got in an ok position and was happy holding 10th. I think it's just me but the B races seem to take off the fastest of all the groups...anyway... Through a few turns I was feeling pretty good even though I raced yesterday and moved up to 7th. I was hanging with a pretty good group and really feeling the flow.

Then I hit the hairpin at the lowest point and slid out and fell on lap 3. My cleat was tough to release and once I got up my chain was thrown in the front and crossed up in the back. I lost about 30 seconds and 4 spots just on that one incident. It didn't help that my seat was already pointing down from an earlier bad mount. So I got back on as quick as I could and then realized I tweaked my front end. This was to the point that my bars were tweaked about 30 degrees to the right. Great - I was already sprinting by the time I realized this and not about to stop anytime soon. So I just rode it out.

So I did the best I could to get back into the groove and not let any by, but I just couldn't get that momentum and flow back. I did the best I could but two more slipped through in the remaining laps. If it wasn't bad enough that my bike was all tweaked, in the latter laps I did feel the race from yesterday set into my legs, and it was hard to muster up any more juice. So I just had to try and maintain what I had and get across the line. I finished in 13th place which was not too shabby but 7th would have been MUCH nicer.

All in all not a bad day as I did finish and wasn't too banged up at the end. At least I wasn't the guy that ended up in the lake. The course got very close to the water and I heard that 1 took the plunge by mistake!

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