Monday, November 9, 2009

23 Races Down 4 to Go...

Wohoo! The end is in sight...well the end and the beginning. As 2009 is slowly coming to a close it's been a great year and a VERY long season considering I'm still at it and trying to be competitive in cross racing. It's good though. It's weird to not really be invested in something and still be doing OK. This 5th place that I got Saturday startled me. I didn't think I could do that well in this short stuff and it gave me hope that I can actually compete in this type of racing. Dang it! I was hoping I'd just suck and be able to do it for fun...Guess not.

So coming up is the Mercer USGP of Cyclocross. I basically signed up for the Saturday race since I wanted to fill another weekend to keep the fitness up. I have no real goals but my mid packness is still going strong so I guess I should aim for top of mid pack. And so far there are 90 preregistered so I only have to beat 45 guys. Hopefully I can do that off the line and then cruise to the finish with all of those guys bottle necked behind me. Probably not but one can hope.

All I know is that after this weekends two pack of CX races my shoulders are pretty sore. The slightly different hand position has caused more fatigue than I originally thought. That and lifting the bike 4 times every lap for yesterday's race didn't help so much. We'll have to see how Saturday goes.

On the other side I'm looking forward to next year's events. Road racing starts in mid March hopefully - so only 4 more months and my 1st 100 miler should be in late April - so only 5+ months til go time! There's going to be a lot of long crappy weather rides in the meantime!!!


  1. I would have a brain aneurysm if I tried reading all of the posts I've skipped(more pitchurs!!!). So, have you tried riding the barriers yet? Do it!

  2. Pictures or pitcher's of beer? I haven't attempted that yet. It would be fun to try with drop bars :-)