Sunday, November 22, 2009

Augusta #1 CX Race Recap

Today was round #1 of the two Augusta races that my team (Team Bulldog) and Skylands Cycling put on and it was a blast. The course was fast and fun and everyone seemed to have a great time. I had some struggles as the miles and schedule of my previous weeks seemed to catch up with me. I just didn't have the normal top end that I had so I knew it would be hard to do really well. I gave it my best shot any way.

I actually had a pretty good start as I got the hole shot but it didn't last long. I got passed shortly after and up the first climb a few more got through. By the end of the 1st lap shuffling I was in 7th and pretty comfortable there. I had a guy fairly close in front and a strong back of 3 behind. On lap 3 I got the guy ahead and made it stick on a straightaway. If I could hold this I'd be super happy. Then lap 4, one of the previous 3 guys snuck through and for a second I passed him back through the sand. He rode, I ran, I won - at least for that one small race. He passed me back and gassed it so I couldn't hang on so no biggie. I was in 6th and now back to 7th. Still good.

The first guy that I worked so hard to pass, slowly was coming back and every time I put down a good effort to open the gap - he slammed it shut. Through the last barriers I had a few feet on him and then I had trouble clipping in. That gave him the window to just eek me out by a few inches in the final sprint. That's all he needed. So it at least was a good struggle and I didn't just let him blow by. I put up a good fight but lost this round. 8th was the place for this weekend. I believe there were 17 starters so all in all not too shabby. My mid packness continues!!! Up next - Augusta round 2.

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