Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking ahead

Well I'm in my 9th week of training and all seems to be going well. Things have gotten much better since the accident and if nothing else - it has given me even more motivation and determination to make this season count. I've been more dilligent and disciplined than ever before. It's hard and challenging but when I do things it's 100%. So far my workouts and diet change have made me lost 12 lbs and I'm very close to last season's race weight in January. That's a very promising sign.

My main concern at this point is to stay healthy during the preseason. Each of the past two years I have gone about training my own way and it has resulted in two separate knee injuries. That is NOT the way I want this season to go. So with that said I'm being very cautious and stretching to prevent any injuries. I went in to the Cohutta 100 last year with a cortisone shot two days prior to the race just to take down the inflammation because the pain was so uncomfortable. That put a major damper on training in the weeks before and I basically did that race "off the couch". With that said it was my fastest 100 miler of 2008. I want to destroy that PR this time around. With 87 days left I'm making those days count and going in very prepared.

As exciting as the Cohutta race is coming up I'm more stoked for the Mohican 100 and the Wilderness 101. I'm already registered for the Mohican and I will be at the 101. These are my two priority races for the 2009 season. I'm attempting to set my training peaks for these races and let the fun begin. At this point I just really want to ride on the dirt! The roads are nice for miles and training but I want the fun to begin again. I lie awake dreaming of singtrack decents and slamming through rock gardens. Soon enough it'll be here and I will be prepared. Is it bad to be this psyched so early?


  1. Yo dude! Looking forward to 09. I'm just getting into my 12 week 100 mile PR...purchased online from lwcoaching. We'll see how it goes but I feel good right now. I'll definitely see you at a few races this year. Sorry to hear about your accident and carnage...OUCH! What bike are you riding? I got a HiFi 29er Pro and am racing with 29er Crew this year! SWEET! Talk to you soon...

  2. Hey. Good work getting the plan going. I realized early on that I can only do so much on my own and a training plan is definitely the way to go. Thanks for the well wishes, it was tough after the accident. I'll be rolling this year on my Fisher Superfly or my backup Trek 9.9 SSL. It all depends what the course asks for, but I think most will be done on the big wheels. I can't wait for the madness to begin!