Sunday, December 21, 2008

80% is a good number...

It's now two weeks since my incident where I smashed into a car and surprisingly I feel pretty good. I'd say I'm about 80% and getting better day by day. As far as the injuries I basically had a lot of bruising, road rash, and soreness. The bruising is almost gone while the rash continues to shrink. My back was really sore a few days after and my chiropractor is helping that to get under control. Overall I'm really just surprised at my ability to recover.

I've already been back on the bike a few times and my range of motion is almost back to normal. I can still get power down seated, standing, you name it. This was a huge concern for me knowing my addiction and I've been very happy with the successful rides that I've done. I'm getting to the point of resuming all normal activities including running and skiing. With the winter break coming up I really want to hit the slopes and the knees are feelign good enough to make me contemplate a trip to Hunter this Wednesday. We'll see but good reports so far.

On the down side of things I have contacted the insurance company for the guy that was responsible for the accident. Of course they are avoiding me like the plague and hopefully more progress will be made this week. I'm staying positive that i will have a new road bike by early 2009. We'll see about that...

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