Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Bright Idea...

Well I got the inspiration a few weeks ago to try and spice up the holidays...errr my fixie. I've wanted to put some lights on my bike and I wasn't sure how to do it. Not for me to see, for others to see. I wanted to put christmas lights on the bike and draw a little attention. Boy does it work!!!

I ordered 4 strands of battery operated lights. One strand of white for each wheel and two strands of blue lights for the frame. They look awesome. I mounted the battery pack for the wheels next to the hub and strung the lights next to the spoke nipples oriented up so they wouldn't interfere with the brakes or frame.

I took it for a test ride around my neighborhood just to see what kind of reaction they would get. I had tons of smiles, thumbs ups, and cars slowing to see the spectacle that is me. It was great - well except for the person that decided to drive by and whip a bottle of water(?) or something at me (hitting me in the arse) and then proceeding to speed off. They are lucky I was on the fixie or they may have a broken window... Outside of that it was great to see the reaction of people and it was well worth the time and effort to string em up. Towards the end of the ride I went past some stores and I see the people in the pizzeria all starring and was priceless...

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  1. so the battery packs were wire tied to the hubs? front and back?
    I found some small tubing that has a colored LED at one end and a battery pack, lined my frame with it. works great. auto parts stores have it.
    might see you at Mohician 100