Sunday, February 15, 2009

Staying Healthy is the Key

Now how exactly do I do that? I was finally considering myself 100% recovered from my incident with the car when I started to come down with a cold...wonderful. It was nothing big so I kept on my workouts and afterwards felt more aweful than the day before. So then I just relaxed, rested and focused on getting better. After about 5 days of guessing at what was wrong I finally went to the doc. He diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection. Then he prescribed me an antibiotic that didn't work. This resulted in 2 days off from work where I couldn't even stay awake I was so miserable. So a return visit was scheduled and finally some relief. He prescribed a stronger antibiotic and some relief was finally coming. This time it was more obvious that I had a sinus infection. It was so painful that my teeth and jaw were hurting so much I couldn't eat. If nothing else it was a great way to get back to race

It's now been 2 and a half weeks since the initial onset and I'm finally getting back to myself and back on the bike. Since the onset I was on the bike twice and lifted once. Today it was great to return to the bike as I got out and put 4.5 hours in. The legs started to fade about hour 3 but it was nice knowing I was out there and working out again. The best part is that I still feel well now. If I still had that sinus infection I would feel like death right now. So hopefully this is the end of my setbacks for the preseason. Hopefully since this infection seems to be fading I'll be back to my regular workouts and having fun on the bike once again. I know it's still early but I'm really looking forward to the season ahead and as long as my health stays good there will be many PR's to look forward to this season.

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