Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Night Ride with Amazing Company

So there has been a pretty steady group getting together locally to do some night riding at an undisclosed location. This past Tuesday was no exception but a bunch of riders were put off since there was a possibility of rain in the forecast. For me, it was supposed to be a relaxing off day, but looking at the forecast for Wednesday I thought this ride might suffice for Wednesday's workout. So Lucky asked me if I wanted to come ride and I said what the hell, why not. It ended up being just 6 of us. What a group it was...Lucky, Eric, Mike, myself and two fellas that let's just say are pretty well known - world wide it seems - Aaron and Jeff. It was pretty cool riding with two of the guys that I've been watching amazing videos of for years and they couldn't have been cooler and more down to earth. To add on top of riding with these guys, there was even a Cannondale among the mix that hasn't been released yet and was a pretty amazing bike.

So as we started rolling and getting into the good stuff the skills started to appear from the group. When a tough section is approached and all of a sudden the trials riders take over, it's pretty impressive to see. Just the way that they were carving some of the turns was just a different level. The group stayed together pretty nicely even with all the slick leaves and a bit of rain. We had a good bunch of socializing as well as a bunch of entertaining antics but overall a really nice ride. We were out for about two hours but had 1:30 of riding time in. The best part was yet to come. Bleh...

As we roll out of the trail and get back to the cars we are met by the local fuzz. We got back to the cars at 12:05 and we couldn't park in the lot we were in after 12. The cop had completed writing one car up and let the other 2 go without fines. Even so the one ticket was $50 for being in the lot 5 minutes too long. Really? They couldn't have waited a few more minutes to see if we came back. The officer said it was because if they didn't ticket cars would be left overnight all the time. They could have afforded a little extra wiggle room there. So after a good question and answer session and a bunch of pent up frustration was almost unleashed on the cop we all pitched in to cover the ticket that was issued to Mike.

Either way it was one amazing ride even though the ending could have been a little better. Amazing company and amazing trails at night was one hell of an experience. Hopefully we can get this group back together sometime soon.

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