Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jamesburg/HPCX tomorrow!

Wohoo! The long awaited cross season is here(for me at least). I should have had 2 or 3 races in but the end of the MTB season killed the one race and the next two I had to miss since I was in the hospital. Fast forward 3 weeks and I'm feeling much better and ready to get back into this whole competition thing. I've done some good efforts this week and the legs don't feel amazing but they feel pretty good. Got some more snap back in the legs and feels promising.

It's a 2/3/4 race with 88 registered competitors where I'm hoping that they do call ups based on registration. I registered early for this one just in case they do that. I was 13th to register so hopefully that works or I'll have to depend on my blinding speed to cut through the masses. Just for comparison last year I did the same race in the same field and it had 73 starters and I finished 34th. Let's hope all goes well and that the course they setup fairs well for a MTB rider. More to come after the throwdown tomorrow.

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