Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mohican 100 Casualties

After a close look at the bike in the aftermath, I see a few things that bit the dust.

#1 - my fender :-(

This thing was a LIFE SAVER - it's totally light and worth keeping the grime out of your face for as long as possible. Since I have to get a new one now, I'll probably get two just in case.

#2 - my brakes

Of course they got destroyed but the amazing part is that I had about 3/4 pads on the rear and they BARELY made it. There is probably 1/2 a mm left on the rear. I was soooo close to burning through. On the front, those pads were brand new and they have about 1mm of pad left. Wow - it was really close for me to have to run to the finish. At least they held out long enough for me to make it.

#3 - my drivetrain

I'm not sure what exactly is shot but I'm going to be careful and check over everything. I want to examine the chain, cassette, and chainrings to make sure they are solid for the next effort.

#4 - my derailleur hanger

Shifting was a bit erratic once I hit the ground one of the 3 times so I'm going to look at that closely to make sure either the hanger is straight or that my derailleur is not tweaked.

Outside of that the rest looks pretty good. I'm still debating on what to do with those grip shifts though... I really do love them since they are light and bulletproof, but my venture through the mud this weekend with my non-shifting ability really had me aggravated. They've been fine for everything else, but these muddy races really may need triggers to be successful. I bet I could have shaved a couple of minutes off just by not having to mess with the shifting. Maybe 10 minutes or more overall. That would have been the difference in moving up a bunch more places. More insight for next time...

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