Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Early Benchmark

Today is December 1st 2009. As of December 1st 2008 I officially started my training for the 2009 race season. I am not training yet for 2010, as that will start this coming Sunday. The exciting part that I am seeing from my weight log is that this day last year I weighed in at 175.2. At that time in my life, that was actually good, for that point in the season(surviving the turkey bloating) . But for this year I've been a little more active in the cross season and also paying a lot more attention to my caloric intake to prepare for next year.

At this point, everything I'm doing has paid off as right now I weighed in at 158.2. That's a 17 lb head start to next season. I'm not saying that I am drastically going to cut weight this year(or will be able to) but I solidly was racing at 159 or so this past year, and this upcoming year I want to maintain my strength and fitness and cut the extra weight off and get down to the low 150's for race weight. I figure it'll make a huge difference without dragging all that extra weight up those thousands of feet of elevation in the NUE series. Progress is good...

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