Thursday, December 3, 2009

27 Down - 1 to Go!

This has been a LOOOOONG season. First race was March 15th and the last race will be this Saturday, December 5th. 7 road races, 5 100 milers, 7 xc races, and 8 cross races with 1 cross left to go. Saturday it will be all or nothing as it'll be my last chance to blow up and lay down some smack! I hope my legs show up. It'll be fun and as of now it's supposed to be cold and snowy! Bring on the bad conditions!


  1. What race do you have planed for March 15th?

  2. That was the date of this past seasons first road crit. Although I'll probably racing around the same time next year for the Augusta Crits. You should be in attendance!