Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mechanicsville VA Ride

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Went down to Mechanicsville VA this weekend for a little family party of my girlfriends and of course had to find a way to get a nice ride in. I packed up my Lemond and crammed it into the back of her Tiburon and headed off for the weekend. Nice flat ride with a bunch of nice rolling undulations and lots of 18 wheelers trying to run me off the road. Actually there was one farm tractor that scared the crap out of me as it rolled up next to me at 20 mph and I looked over and the top of the wheel was above my head. Actually the bottom of the tractor was taller than me - it could have actually driven over me and not touched me it was so tall. Pretty entertaining to see it on the road. Got some good intervals in although I wasn't feeling so fresh. I took it easy for the remainder of the time knowing I'll unleash whatever I have next week at the Shenandoah 100. It's almost here...

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