Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adventures out West

Currently I'm on day 14 of my Utah/Colorado road trip and having a blast. I initially drove 33 hours out to Salt Lake City Utah to visit my buddy and scramble some adventures for a weekend and there was no doubt that it was a good time. We got in 2 days of climbing as well as 2 days of riding. Climbing at Little Cottonwood Canyon and Maple Canyon was awesome as it was some really fun sport climbing. The road ride up Emigration Canyon was awesome as there really isn't that many extended climbs like this out east. 3k vert in 18 miles which was amazing. The views of SLC weren't that shabby either. Then we ventured over to ride some of the trails near Park City. They were beautiful flowy singletrack with nice views all around. We had apparently just missed a moose sighting and oddly enough I ran into a teammate of mine Diana when I was 2100 miles from home. Pretty awesome weekend altogether.

Then after a sweet 7 hour drive to Durango...barf...I landed at my bro's pad and we started out own adventures. We got 3 days in climbing Lemon reservoir, Sailing Hawks, and the Golf Wall which was pretty epic. Lots of great lines and some really fun lead falls. The riding was amazing as usual as we road the Colorado trail up to Kennebec pass and back out for a nice 30 mile day and a few random road rides. Most recently a trip to Telleuride exposed some awesome riding in the resort area and across the road. Free gondola rides to the resort were hard to pass up.

The adventure that was had on yesterday was epic to say the least. Summiting two 14000 ft peaks in one day on the most sketchy and mind blowing trails I have ever been on. The route was supposed to be moderately difficult but it was pretty harrowing at times. There were a few sections of 5.4/5.5 climbing for 30 feet or so with 2000 ft falls if a hand slipped or a rock pulled out. It was really slow going just in self preservation mode. There was no room for errors. So after 12:45 of hiking we got off the peaks and made it out to the car. It was very nice to be on the basin floor and back to the car again as it was a truly scary trip. Pics will be posted soon.

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