Friday, June 19, 2009

Westward Bound...

Now that the school year is coming to a close, it's time for me to head west for my yearly I'm sick of Jersey and want to get the F out trip. My work ends Tuesday and although I have some last minute errands to take care of, I will be leaving Wednesday or Thursday to drive out to see my buddy in Salt Lake City UT. I'll be there for 2-3 days then driving to see my nut job of a brother in Durango CO where all kinds of shenanigans and madness will insue.

During my visit to Durango it will basically be a testosterone filled pissing contest where my brother and I will constantly try to kick each other in the nuts and cause as much pain and suffering as we possibly can - Seriously... The usual routine is to climb, bike, hike, climb, bike, bike, hike, climb, bike, climb and repeat at least 3 times a day - or so it seems. This time my bro has just bought a new house so I'm sure building the new deck will be part of the strenuous routine which I'll be glad to help out with.

On the journey though I'm going to try to hit up Fruita, and or Moab for a day or two here or there as well as maybe summit a couple of 14,000 ft peaks. There has been a discussion of bagging 3 of them that are only accessable via the Durango/Silverton railroad which would be amazing. Let's see what actually comes to fruition and hopefully I'll have some amazing pictures for proof.

As part of my western madness tour I'll be stopping by the XC Nationals at Sol Vista in Granby CO. I figure since I'm out there I might as well show my attendance and support in the mighty thin air. I'm hoping some better acclimitization will help out as the XC Marathon Nats last year was a load of poop, at least that's how I felt. We shall see. I can't wait!

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