Thursday, June 11, 2009

Power to Weight Ratio

So as the season has progressed thus far, my power to weight ratio has gotten MUCH better. As of late December I weighed 184 as the result of some wonderful holiday food and a battle with a Nissan Altima on my bike - which I painfully lost. As the season has progressed and my training has gotten more vigorous, my weight has been peeling off and my goals have steadily been reached. In april I was down to my race weight last year of 172 or so. So I made it my goal in April to be 165 by the Cohutta. I met that goal and set a new one of 160 for the Mohican. I met that and now the new goal is 155 for the Wilderness. Currently I'm running around 161 or 162 as a result of rewarding myself after the Mohican. So now it's crunch time again and there's 7 weeks left til the hills of the Wilderness will either be delightful or destroy me once again. I'd rather be on the happier side. The motivation is there since even when I can't put down a lot of power, the power I do put down doesn't have to push that much weight around. I'll periodically give up dates as a way to motivate myself and maybe help some others.

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