Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Recovery Feels Good...

Got in from work today and took a while to cleanup and check over the bike. The old rule of thumb is not to change ANYTHING in the days before a race. I did the Mohican on a new bike. My Fisher Rig was converted from a SS to a geared bike 2 days before the event. So I wanted to check it all over and see what damage I did to this bike. Once it was all good I went out around town to spin for an hour and just open up the legs again. I waited 3 days since I've had some knee pain and I wanted it to be rested before I jumped back on. The few days after the race I've been rather lethargic as I thought I'd be and the ride today felt good and I feel much better after the ride.

So as the legs get back to recovering from Ohio, I'm awaiting the news about my Trek 9.9 Elite frame that was cracked and "hopefully" will be replaced under warranty. It may need to be sent back or they will ship out a new frame upon receipt of pictures of the damage. As for now the Fisher Rig'ged(With gears) 29'er is riding well and gives me the idea that I'd like to have a 29'er for these endurance races and my superlight 26'er for the short races(As well as the SS for fun of course).

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