Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well I've been riding my Rig'ged Fisher for a few weeks now and LOVE it. Big wheels are really makin things easy. But...I'm expecting either a repaired or warrantied Trek 9.9 Elite to come in soon since I cracked the frame. To add to things I also picked up a STOOPID light Kona Kula Supreme frame(Scandium) that actually might fit my style of riding since I'm not what you'd call a "finesse" rider. So I'm going to have a sweet race bike one way or another. The problem is that I want to have a 29'er race bike and a 26'er. It looks like it's going to be a Fisher and Kona to rock for the remainder of the season. The decision is where to put the good stuff. I want good stuff on both but the wallet doesn't agree. I think all the nice components will go back onto the 26'er and I'll scrape together some parts to keep the geared 29'er rollin. In time I'll try to get some more goodies to make the 29'er even sweeter but for now this should work. It'll be nice to have both to choose from. Now what to do with the 9.9?

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