Monday, February 29, 2016

2016 Has Started Off with a Much Bigger Challenge

After the Fat 50 I was feeling good about the season and trying to ramp up the training miles and really start to get the engine going. As usual I was bouncing back and forth between my training and my job as the assistant ski team coach for my high school. A month and a half ago I started out practice by going for a warmup run before the kids were ready and slid on some ice and fell and got my ski caught underneath me feeling a sudden pop. I had a good idea of what it was but after some doctors visits and having a bunch of blood drained from my knee it was evident. I completely ruptured my ACL. Damn...

So after a few more visits and lots of ice and rest my knee is starting to feel better but in 3 weeks I am going in for surgery. This puts the season on hold big time. I am doing pre-surgery PT to make sure the knee is in good shape before surgery. I am still riding my bike but definitely unsure of it's ability and have to scale my riding back a bit for the sake of the joint. This is the last thing I want to do. So at this point I'm trying to get back riding consistently before surgery - as the doctor said it's really good for the knee.

The doctor said that I'll be back on the bike in 2 months, running in 3, training by 4, and back to full ability in 6 months. I am hopeful with this timetable but of course I"m also hoping that I'll be back to racing before 6 months. My rehab and time will tell.

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