Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 Season on Paper Looks Good

I'm in the middle of breaking out of the winter funk and so far so good. With the conclusion of February I am done with my ski team coaching and can refocus again on cycling. The team was so hectic with races and rescheduled races that I had to be ok with not riding for days at a time and meager 6 hour weeks. This was really hard mentally coming from a training standpoint where I like to see no less than 10 hours a week but I digress...

So with my schedule all cleared up I put in some long miles my first full week back and I'm already feeling a LOT better. I rode for 14+ hours and threw in a century as well and feel good. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come. The main focus right now is mileage, some focused intensity, and getting down to race weight. At this point the heart of my season is a couple of months away and that's where the focus is. I'm not worried about the early season as I know I'll be in a deficit given the hard winter I've had. But in 2 months I hope to be flying.

Up on the calendar first is the Tuscarora 4 hour, Michaux 4 hour, and then the real challenge - the Cohutta 100. Either way these races have been great and although I haven't done the Michaux race I know the terrain out there and it should be some great early season training. I just want to get on some dirt and get to mix it up again. I'm hoping Tuscarora has some time to dry out before race day.


  1. Wow, you got some solid endurance races planned. It certainly is good to finally have warm weather!!!!

  2. Heck yea man I can't wait to get rolling on the dirt in some decent weather!!!