Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cooper River CX Report

Cooper River CX was a bit of a hike...about 1hr 45 mins but they made a great course out of a small piece of real estate. Fun, twisty, and DRY! Well dry was good for the day but I like the races a bit more muddy. It was a good race but still some frustrating parts. Call up...none. Got shafted and dumped in the back of the pack. Off the line I was probably 50th or so of 60 riders. I was in row 7 and not too happy about it. To top it off in the first corner someone blows through/gets wrapped in teh tape and it's on my side and I have to stop and get around the mess. Now I really was in the back of the bus. I can't think that there were many riders behind me if at all at this point. Great...now I'd have to fight all of the way through this mess. I did.

I kept it smooth and steady for the entire race. Lap by lap I picked off more and more riders and waited for the tight stuff to be smooth and attack coming out of it. The wide open sections were the worst. High hp was needed and it just hurt. I did well but not moving up as quickly as I would have liked. I was in 30th or so and I saw my teammates up ahead so my goal was to get to them. I worked and through the next few laps I got to Brian and Tommy was just ahead. Brian pulled me a bit and told me to go so I did trying to bridge up to Tommy. At this point though I got in a battle with a group of 4 guys and I spent a lot of my energy shaking these guys and less chasing Tommy.

I shed two of the riders and one stuck with me for the final two laps. I tried a couple hard lines and hard accelerations but he was right there. We hit the road and I waited for the sprint. It came hard on my left. I reacted but too late and when I did react all my legs wanted to do was cramp. I guess that was a good sign that I left it all out there. I finished in 24th place of 60 or so riders. The results say 46 riders were there but that's BS. There were WAAAAAY more racers out there. A decent result and a fun day.

Thanks to C. Perkins for the awesome shots!!!

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