Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here's to 2012

With our lack of a winter, this year is going to be hard to not burnout it seems. Everyone has been riding a lot and I've been putting in some good time as well. I've been out in the good, the bad, and the stupid. That 4 hour ride Sunday (with single digit wind chill) definitely qualifies for the stupid category but it really wasn't that bad with proper layers. It's been exciting as my riding has been more focused already and is really giving me something great to look forward to this year.

Diet: I've cut lots of bad food out of my diet and I'm starting to look into this whole gluten free thing, not because it's trendy, but I'm curious if I really have any allergies to it. A few people close to me said it's been a great change in their life and I'm seeing if it would work for me. I'm kinda hoping it doesn't because I REALLY love pizza. I can get away with sandwiches on crappy bread or some other form of pasta but I can't sacrafice my love of pizza. We shall see how that goes.

Bike: For 2012 I've been craving something new to ride and I really want what I can't get it seems. I tried to order a Scott...Sold out. I would like a Superfly but that's the same as I've been riding the past few years so yawn... So I'm back to option #3 a ti bike. It'll be a bit more expensive but I'm going to look into the options that I really want and see if it is at all feasible. It should be anyway. I know it won't be superlight, but if it is dependable, and comfy, and gets me where I want to be really fast - that's fine by me. So I'm checking out this new possibility. As part of this fantasy I really want a fork with a lockout. Fox why are you so behind? So it looks like I'll be trying a Rock Shox this year. Let's hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the you know where...

Weight: I set a couple of weight goals for the new season. I want to be 165 by the end of January, 160 by the end of February, and 155 by the end of March. This motivatcion comes from my success in 2010 when I started off the season at 152. This was crazy light but it carried some great success and helped me get where I wanted to be for the future. I now realize it was too light and I raced the rest of that season at 155-157. Last year, 2011, I raced the entire season at 165-167. I felt good, had some great races, but wondered what if. I always felt a little heavy and even if not the case it played into my mental game a bit. So my targets should help get that out of my psyche and help springboard me forward even more for the 2012 season. Each year it seems that I'm still progressing but I want to make even bigger gains this year - and this should help.

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  1. I should probably say that the weight loss is going well. At some point in early January I was fighting the possibility of seeing 170 on my scale and I was 165 this morning. So I'm keeping up with my goal so far.