Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Racing with the Big Dawgs...

With my series win locked up in the Cat 1 30-39 H2H series this year, I made my decision with what to do with the last MTB race of the season. I'm going to test the waters in the Pro/Cat1 division. I figure next year I'll be doing some of the Pro/Cat1 races so why not get my feet wet now and see how it goes.

4 laps at Ringwood is going to be an interesting task for sure. 4 times up those switchbacks and in through the techy final trail will make life difficult but I'm up to the challenge. I'm ready to tackle this one and then retire my MTB for the season and go full time on the cyclocross bike. I can't wait for both.

Then the next step is to decide what to do next year. Do I compete in the Pro/Cat1 series H2H races, the NUE 100 miler series, or the MASS Endurance series. I'm thinking some combination of all of those actually. It will depend a bit too based on if I get my upgrade or not. If not I will be chasing some early races to officially get that upgrade.


  1. The MASS series is pretty good, well run, but some oid the drives are long for us, even more so for you. But then again, you've driven across the country for races, haven't you?

  2. I think you're a shoe-in for that upgrade. I wouldn't question it.

  3. @ chris - yea it's a bit of a hike to do some of them. I'll probably pick and choose some of them. You bet I've driven far to race. Colorado a few times. It might be a trip to Idaho this summer for nationals too.

    @ nick - I hope so. We'll see in the next few weeks. The pro license is a bit expensive but that's a nice problem to have.