Friday, August 20, 2010

Let There be Hillz

This past week of normalcy has been nice except for the normal part. I got a lot of work done and a few good rides. It felt pretty good to get back into the swing of things - except for the work part - as I need to start paying some bills. I'm eagerly thinking ahead and starting to look ahead to next weekend. This weekend I'll be doing some workouts and getting some good saddle time in to get me prepared for what's ahead: Windham Worlds.

Looking over the site I checked out the course profile and I like what I see. I've been doing well with the climbing races and this one seems right up my alley. Something like 500 of vert right out of the gate for 2 miles sounds like fun. 4 laps of this heaven would work to my advantage. Hopefully my lung goes along for the ride on this one. For the 909 race last weekend I felt pretty good but not 100% for sure. Hopefully for Windham I'll be closer to the 100% side of things and be able to climb like normal. Last week it felt like I could go hard and not recover quickly. I'll need that ability to do well on this course. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since my embolism and the saturday before windham will be 5 weeks so that should be enough to make some gains I hope. Only time will tell.

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