Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Large Block

...of training is finally over. Ever since I did the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek I've been riding steadily. As a matter of fact, including the 6 hour race, I rode 11 days straight. Of course this was including active recovery and whatnot. For the most part it felt good. There were some poopy days in there for sure but overall a great training block. Something over 250 miles on mostly dirt and 20+ hours of riding.

It feels good to be kicking back and not doing a whole lot today. As a matter of fact my plan is to keep my butt glued to this here couch for a bit and absorb some of the good 'ol boob tube and try not to do a whole lot but rest and eat. :-)

I'm hoping this last training block is going to settle in nicely and make the stars align for a sweet finish at the Cohutta 100. I'm hoping this little old training program will help set a new PR in less than two weeks. Just for previous knowledge my two prior finishes at the Cohutta have been 9:46 in 2008, 8:58 in 2009, and who knows for 2010. All I know is that for 2008 I had a cortisone shot 2 days prior just to make my knee work. In 2009 the heat and my ignorance helped me cramp for about the last 4 hours. So this year I'm going to head into this race with MUCH more knowledge, experience, and fitness. We'll have to wait 11 days to see what happens.

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