Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tymor Park Challenge

Tymor was a great race as usual and Tim S. did a great job. If it was the same course as 07 I sure didn't remember it. It looked like a few sections were cut in just for the race.

I had a decent day although I wasn't really feelin as good as I'd hoped. I definitely climbed better than I have in the past but didn't feel an over abundance of energy or power. I've been pretty beat all week and tried to charge to the front trailing behind Chris and Keith and seemed to be sitting about 7th wheel into the singletrack. I caught a few of the other groups here or there but just concentrated on cornering in the muck. I settled in as I thought the lead group was long gone. I kept at it with Greg? on my wheel just being nice and consistent and just stopping any others from grabbing on. We rode together most of the 2nd lap and at the start of the 3rd I decided to try and put a tree into the sleeper hold. I smashed my forearm and chest into the tree so hard it ejected my glasses off of my head. I honestly couldn't believe that my arm was NOT broken. That's how hard I hit that sucka... So I collected myself and kept at it again with Greg leaving as soon as he heard I was alright. I made it through the next lap being conservative as to not repeat my tree groping. I finished fairly strong but definitely fading in those tough conditions. 6th of 17 starters and I left with some $$$ in my pocket. SWEET!

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