Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New SS Joins the Quiver

Well my buddy is getting ready to make a move out to Salt Lake so he needed to get rid of an extra bike. It just so happens that I really enjoy that bike and he made me a great deal. Actually it was a steal. So now I'm the proud owner of a 2007 Fisher Rig 29'er singlespeed. Hopefully somewhere in the future this will be my SS race bike. It's already awaiting a Surly rigid fork to help dial it in. Once that fork is on it'll be a great play bike. I did get a chance today to take it into the woods and play and it's just so much fun to haul through the techy stuff without the fear of the unstylish endo dismount. ***Newly updated as I've had a blast on my 26" rigid SS, so I made this my 29" rigid SS with the addition of a sweet Surly Karate Monkey fork. It rides like a dream so far. I can't wait to add some more miles to it.***>

1 comment:

  1. Looking good Ryan. Is it a much different ride then your other Rig with the G2 Geometry? I'm building up a new SS myself as we speak :)